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Celebrate EARTH DAY

Our Konjac sponge is 100% biodegradable 

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Celebremos el Día DE LA TIERRA

Nuestra esponja Konjac es 100% biodegradable

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Pink Tomato offer you a gift wrapping option and we can also write a personalised gift note.

Pink Tomato te ofrece una opción de envoltura de regalo y también puedemos escribir una nota personalizada para tu regalo.

Hola, I'm Gina Morano

I was born and raised in Quindio, Colombia. I am a mother, I love vlogging and in 2003 I took my first steps as an esthetician at the prestigious Millefleurs Spa Mondial holistic center in New York. I worked for over a decade at this place where I can cultivate my passion for holistic skincare, Many years have passed and I have also learned a lot. I want to share with you what I have learned from my mistakes, creativity and entrepreneurship as the creator of

Pink Tomato.


I was the top LATISM Top Blogger in 2013 and in 2015 I was part of the outstanding Colombians abroad for the most widely read newspaper in Colombia, the newspaper El Tiempo.

I really enjoy cooking and taking care of my family, my passion it's natural skin care that goes hand in hand with living mindfully. For me it is a real pleasure is to be able to share everything I have learned with you.

Gina Head.jpeg
Woman cosmetic facial skin care. Woman i

Live! Semi-Private Sessions

Connect in a live session with me Gina Morano, we are going to do a little bit of everything, my workshops are loaded with a lot of information on everything I have learned in almost 2 decades, I will share with you about making natural natural cosmetics from soaps to serums, self-care sessions of the skin with facial exercises and facial yoga, a mini rejuvenating facial loaded with information so you can learn how to take care of your skin, look younger and delay skin aging, nutrition to take care of your skin from the inside out and many other things...

​¡En Vivo! Sesiones semi-privadas

Conéctate en una sesión en vivo conmigo Gina Morano, vamos a hacer un poco de todo, mis talleres están cargados de mucha información de todo lo que he aprendido en casi 2 décadas, te compartiré sobre cómo hacer cosmética natural natural. desde jabones hasta sérums, sesiones de autocuidado de la piel con ejercicios faciales y yoga facial, un mini facial rejuvenecedor cargado de información para que aprendas a cuidar tu piel, lucir más joven y retrasar el envejecimiento de la piel, nutrición para cuidar tu piel de adentro hacia afuera y muchas cosas más..

Our Favourite Skincare Duos

There are some things that are always better in pairs, get FREE one of the products from our select range of skincare  duos  from Pink Tomato

Check out the calendar of events and workshops, bring a friend and come enjoy our free samples, and let me show you how to fall in love with making your own products and taking care of your skin in a natural way.

The Gift

From Nature

100% Biodegradable

Walnut Konjac Sponge

Act fast because once they’re gone, they’re gone. 

Use the code for your favorite duo and get the perfect match for Asia Tropical (Cleansing and make-up remover gel), Suavidad (Moisturizing Face Oil Serum), Ricura (Coconut Foot Cream with Mint, Lemon, and Eucalyptus) and more completely  FREE!!!

-Asia Tropical use code  FreeKonjac

-Suavidad use code FreeGuasha

-Ricura use code FreeFootScraper

-Azuquítar use code FreeWoodApplicator 

-Shampoo use FreeLenoVerde

Offer valid until Monday February 17

No minimum purchase required.


For your convenience this class will be available at different times and days, Choose the one that best fits your schedule, looking forward to seeing you in class!


Para su comodidad, esta clase estará disponible en diferentes horarios y díasEscoge la que mejor se ajuste con tu agenda, ¡Esperamos verte en clase!

We send you FREE samples With your order.

Te enviamos Muestras GRATIS

Con tu orden

Did someone say free samples?
Let us know what product you want to try. 


Raquel Fink

Wonderful experience and wonderful natural products. I received a consultation and my questions were answered prior getting the products. I like them all but I highly recommend the carrot seeds facial milk. Love it!

Pamper Your Skin

Consiente Tu Piel

Thanks to the ingredients of each of these products your skin;

  • You will feel more hydrated

  • More uniform color

  • Will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and also pores

  • Will help with flaccidity and regenerate the skin

  • It will eliminate dead cells,  and stimulate the production of collagen.


It is a powerful antioxidant that smoothes wrinkles and protects the skin from pollution.



We are all aware of what has been happening around the globe this past months, that is why we offer PURO NATURAL HAND SANITIZING GEL. 100% bio-based.

Did you know that most hand sanitizers contain ingredients that mistreat the skin and are harmful to the environment?

Untitled design.png


Paulette Ramírez
Workshop Assistant


I have seen the many challenges people with disabilities face, from physical barriers, stigma, and misinformation.  And that affects the opportunities that people with disabilities have to find work or a place in our society.  That is why I am partisan in the workforce with a social sense.

Gina Morano
Pink Tomato CEO

We take care of your skin with excellent formulas made with 100% pure essential oils, organic herbs and natural extracts.

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